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The Rotarian Action Group for Peace (RAGFP) endorsed the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in 2018, shortly after the UN General Assembly approved it 122 to 1.  The RAGFP Subcommittee on Nuclear Weapons Education was created to provide factual information to Rotarians about the imminent human and planetary emergency with the presence of 14,000 nuclear weapons in the world.  RAGFP members are serving as Civil Society Observers for the UN Nuclear Nonproliferation Meetings, tabling at events around the world, and speaking to Rotary Clubs about what they can do to prevent the purposeful, malicious, or accidental launching of nuclear weapons.  All the evidence points to the abolition of nuclear weapons worldwide as the only reliable way to prevent a catastrophic threat to the planet, including nuclear winter, famine, widespread death and injury, the continuing impact for up to a million years of highly radioactive materials.  We are People of Action: Educate, EliminateWar_Devastates_Rotarians...panel_RI_Toronto_2018.jpg

The Subcommittee’s public presence is RAGFPnukefreeplanet.

  1. We are on Facebook and Twitter @RAGFPnukefreeplanet.
  2. For information, email

The Subcommittee Chair is Dr. Ann Frisch, Rotary Club of White Bear Lake, MN US, RD 5960 Peace Team Lead.


Rtn_Dr_Ira_Hefland__DG3011_Ravi_Choudhary__Rta_Peace_Chair_Namrata_Suri.jpgOur partner in this effort is Rotarians4NuclearBan, a Canadian based group with affiliates worldwide.   It is an informal fellowship of Rotarians working toward nuclear abolition.

  1. The Rotarians4NuclearBan is on Facebook: Rotarians4NuclearBan
  2. Twitter: Rotarians4Ban

Rotarians4NuclearBan Chair is Dr. Richard Denton, MD Emeritus, Rotary Club of Sudbury ON, Canada,  RD 7010





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